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ordering two sandwiches instead of a sandwich with fries

May 31, 2008

There’s no picture with this post because the idea is so RADICAL that I couldn’t find an image of it. A side of fries is more like garnish sometimes anyway, and today I just decided, why not replace it with something I’d actually plan on eating? Like a second sandwich? When I ordered a grilled […]

Yoplait Dessert Yogurts

May 30, 2008

I’m a dessert person. So my life consists of figuring out the best way to indulge without actually “looking” like I ate an entire pie for breakfast. Strolling through the grocery store, I find the dessert-esque Yoplait Yogurt flavors. Yummy concoctions like Lemon Cream Pie and Boston Cream Pie. You mean, I can have a […]

The wedding website The Knot

May 30, 2008

My latest TryerOuter tryout was The Knot wedding web site; from what I’ve heard, the online mecca for all things bridal. Um, nu-uh. Yes, I spent a solid two hours on it, but the entire above-the-fold area of the homepage is taken up with videos I for one couldn’t care less about: tips from their […]

Glacier climbing in Iceland

May 29, 2008

Wouldn’t recommend it. Almost fell into a crevasse while doing this funny crab walk you’re supposed to do when walking sideways over steep areas. The fiancĂ© loved it (the hike, not me almost falling), but he’s a man and seems to need that sort of adrenaline rush. Was the gray/black/white/blue ice beautiful? Mos’ def. Is […]

Nuvo: perfume-flavored hooch, for HER

May 19, 2008

…as opposed to, for HIM? I recently got my hands on this beautiful bottle of pink perfume–which, on closer inspection turned out to be a brand new girly booze: NUVO L’esprit de Paris, For Her It’s a pink sparkling liqueur, and it looks gorgeous in a personalized glass from West Elm, don’t it? But it […]

We try stuff so you don’t have to

May 1, 2008

Like, fitness equipment, monkey chow, life hacks, Brawndo…