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Yoplait Dessert Yogurts

I’m a dessert person. So my life consists of figuring out the best way to indulge without actually “looking” like I ate an entire pie for breakfast. Strolling through the grocery store, I find the dessert-esque Yoplait Yogurt flavors. Yummy concoctions like Lemon Cream Pie and Boston Cream Pie. You mean, I can have a healthy snack that tastes like sugar, fat, and calories? Brilliant!

Or not so much.

Frankly, it tastes like vom. Well, not literally. But the next worst thing-it tastes like I’m putting Bath and Body Works Crème Brulee lotion in my mouth. Blargh. It tastes the way tween girls smell. So unless you’re a pedophile, I recommend sticking to the edible whipped or fruity flavors such as cherry or blueberry. -emily


One Response to “Yoplait Dessert Yogurts”

  1. OMG, hilarious. “Tastes the way tween girls smell..” I believe I shall stick to strawberry. Sunny

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