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The wedding website The Knot

Winnie Couture as seen on The KnotMy latest TryerOuter tryout was The Knot wedding web site; from what I’ve heard, the online mecca for all things bridal.

Um, nu-uh.

Yes, I spent a solid two hours on it, but the entire above-the-fold area of the homepage is taken up with videos I for one couldn’t care less about: tips from their fashion editor, runway video, chefs talkin’ about cakes. Know what I (and I’d imagine most other newly engaged women) want first from a wedding web site? Pictures of pretty dresses, pictures of pretty rings, pictures of pretty cakes and where to buy all of that stuff in my area. Period.

Turns out the site did have all of that…they just buried it in favor of their “on demand” videos. I’m all for internet video, but I found the Knot’s treatment frustrating. Maybe they need new video gurus? –Sunny

Pic: Winnie Couture


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