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Glacier climbing in Iceland

Wouldn’t recommend it. Almost fell into a crevasse while doing this funny crab walk you’re supposed to do when walking sideways over steep areas. The fiancé loved it (the hike, not me almost falling), but he’s a man and seems to need that sort of adrenaline rush.

Was the gray/black/white/blue ice beautiful? Mos’ def. Is it fun to tell people that we did a five-hour glacier hike in Iceland? Fo’ shizz. But the next time you’re, you know, just taking a quick trip to the Land of Fire and Ice or Alaska or something, maybe just stick with looking at the pretty nature around you, rather than trying to conquer it. –Sunny


One Response to “Glacier climbing in Iceland”

  1. I must respectfully disagree. Glacier climbing in Iceland ruled my face.

    I thought five hours was the perfect amount of time. Any less than that would have felt like a rushed quickie tour; any more would have been too much given our skill level (novice). We had plenty of time to get used to using our crampons correctly, take photos in sweet crevasses, and spend 45 minutes trying out ice-climbing (which would be the subject of a whole post on its own).


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